Greatest Hits

“And if you be unwilling to serve the LORD, choose this day whom you will serve . . . but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.”

La Caridad del Cobre
A Shining City on a Hill
“Never I Go Back” — The Second Youngest Defector (for Elian)
Déjà vu all over again
Pros and Cons
The Meaning of Elian


2 Responses to Greatest Hits

  1. Jeke says:

    I’m so sick of being one of the proverbial frogs at the bottom the pot. Sure does feel like its about to boil. Good post.

  2. I am a proud VETERAN of the United States Army. My brother following in my footsteps (God Bless him) just returned from a tour in Iraq. While now at the end of his service contract John has been granted a first had view of the embryonic oxygen snatching sack, olasa nobama’s new policy for soldiers across this nation and upon foreign soil. While our, Swami in Chief made promises of ending Stop Loss and drastically reducing troop commitment his true colors were exposed for my family upon April 7th. We received a rather disturbing phone call from John who informed us that he will not be coming home with his bride to be. In fact he will not be coming home at all and is preparing to undergo yet ANOTHER tour in Iraq come September. Perhaps obama felt it was in my brothers best interest to put his life back on the line for an administration that simply spent an entire campaign lying to his face. Just wanted to share that little tidbit with you all. You see when obama’s colors shine through he forgot about the white and blue,….seems all we are left with is RED.
    Yours Truly,
    A VET

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