To Serve Man

Serve the people

A shop assistant in Beijing displays a shirt bearing an image of President Obama’s face imprinted over that of Communist dictator Mao Zedong. The Chinese characters depict the Maoist slogan “Serve the People,” written in Mao’s calligraphy. According to Reuters, the shop has sold thousands of shirts bearing the “Oba Mao” design since the products arrived a month ago.

Considering that Chairman Mao “served” nearly 50 million of “the people” in the Great Leap Forward just fifty years ago, the sale of such Maoist iconography in China is simply mind-boggling. It’s as if T-shirts “celebrating” Kristallnacht with Ahmandinejad’s image emblazoned over Hitler’s suddenly became a fashion rage in Tel Aviv (though I’m sure they’d be quite popular elsewhere in the Middle East) .

At least there’s still a majority of Americans left who don’t trust Communists. Or should I say Kanamits?

“There is nothing ulterior in our motives, nothing at all. You will discover this for yourselves before too long simply by testing the various devices which we will make available to you. We can show you, for example, how to add a certain very cheap nitrate to the soil and end famine on earth for good and all. We can demonstrate to you quite practically the principles of the force field in which you may cloak each nation with an invisible wall, absolutely impenetrable by bombs, missiles or anything else. We ask only that you trust us, only that you simply trust us.”

Narrator: “That was what we all thought. It was the age of Santa Claus, only these Kris Kringles came without white whiskers or rosy cheeks or twinkling eyes. They were nine-foot tall enigmas who descended on us like locusts, but nobody was counting or worrying.”

Sound familiar? Perhaps a T-shirt with Obama’s image morphed over a palimpsest of a Kanamit savior would serve as a clue to the motives of those who claim to “serve the people.”

Hat tip: John Derbyshire at National Review Online.


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