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The Seven Big Lies of Obama’s Speech

Must-read article by Robert Tracinski in today’s Jewish World Review. Not just a fisking of Obama’s Teleprompter’s healthcare speech last night, but insightful on Obama’s use of classical rhetorical devices to deceive his delusional flock of singularly stupid sheep.

We had our warning during the campaign, we really did.

Remember Barack Obama’s famous speech on race, back in March of 2008? Obama had spent 20 years listening to the sermons of Jeremiah Wright, full of venomous anti-Americanism and attacks on “white America.” Yet when the reverend’s rants were revealed to the public, Obama tried to convince us that he just happened to be missing from the pews on any well-documented Sunday, and that the Jeremiah Wright we saw and heard was not the Jeremiah Wright he knew.

It was a giant, implausible lie. Yet the speech was smoothly delivered and well-turned, perfectly balanced to seem to empathize both with the grievances of blacks and with the concerns of whites. So most people seemed to believe it.

This is what Obama’s supposed gift for rhetoric amounts to: the ability to tell a smoothly polished bald-faced lie.

And that was the whole essence of Obama’s big night. It was a pack of lies from beginning to end, and if we’re going to finally see through this flim-flam artist once and for all — as more and more people are beginning to do — then we had better identify them one at a time.

Flim-flam artist and pack of lies pretty much sums up this character and his healthcare speech last night. I couldn’t stand to watch more than 15 minutes. Here are the seven big lies:

1) Obama’s proposal is just minor, incremental tinkering.
2) Obama’s plan is bipartisan.
3) You can keep your existing insurance.
4) The “public option” will not be subsidized by government.
5) The health-care bill will pay for itself with cost savings.
6) There are no death panels.
7) Obama doesn’t want a government takeover of medicine.

Please read the entire piece. I‘ll just add my two cents re: Big Lie #3. Obama swears that there is nothing in his plan that will force you to give up your existing [employer-provided] insurance. In the very next breath, he cited a laundry list of so-called reforms he would imposed on insurers that according to Obama would “make the insurance you have work better for you.” Here’s the text:

What this plan will do is to make the insurance you have work better for you. Under this plan, it will be against the law for insurance companies to deny you coverage because of a pre-existing condition?. They will no longer be able to place some arbitrary cap on the amount of coverage you can receive in a given year or a lifetime. We will place a limit on how much you can be charged for out-of-pocket expenses. And insurance companies will be required to cover, with no extra charge, routine checkups and preventive care.

Of course each of these government-mandated changes would drive up the cost of insurance premiums for employers when his supposed rationale for “fixing the system” is that healthcare costs are already too high. By raising costs already bordering on prohibitively expensive, these changes will force employers to choose between cutting the workforce during a time of high unemployment, cutting healthcare benefits or dropping healthcare coverage altogether forcing employees into the public option (since new private individual plans will not be allowed), or slashing wages.

This sort of dishonest cant simply insults one’s intelligence. Yet the Democrats were not insulted. Even worse, they rewarded such drivel with a standing ovation.


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