First They Came For The Penknives

Scouts to no longer bring penknives on camping trips:

From the Daily Telegraph:

Scouts will now be a little worse prepared after they were banned from carrying their traditional penknives due to the fears of those in charge of health and safety.

New advice published in Scouting, the official in-house magazine, says neither Scouts nor their parents should bring penknives to camp except in “specific” situations. . .

Dave Budd, a knife-maker who runs courses training Scouts about the safe use of blades, wrote that the growing problem of knife crime meant action had to be taken.

“Sadly, there is now confusion about when a Scout is allowed to carry a knife,” he wrote. “The series of high-profile fatal stabbings [has] highlighted a growing knife culture in the UK.

Note that the British government’s gun ban didn’t make its citizens safer. Unilateral disarmament of law-abiding citizens only makes them defenseless against both gun violence and this “series of high-profile fatal stabbings” now used to justify the absurd Scout penknife ban.

What will they ban next? If you’ve seen The Wire, you know that nail guns can be used as extremely dangerous weapons. Why not make people use hammers instead? Oops, bad idea. Hammers can be used as weapons also. Get rid of those. And nails.

A 2006 study of inmate-made weapons in prison facilities shows that even the most innocuous-looking items can be modified by resourceful inmates into weapons that have been used to maim and even kill correction officers and other inmates. The list includes “”padlocks, toothbrushes, disposable razors, metal from ventilators, batteries, even paper hardened with toothpaste and sharpened. These items are easily obtained from the prison store, prison industries, visitors, or salvaged from prison facilities and modified into daggers, darts, saps, and shanks.”

This got me thinking. Outside prisons, the list of everyday items that can be turned into lethal weapons is virtually unlimited. In my office alone, a resourceful fiend could wreak havoc with ball-point pens, paperweights, scissors, wire coat hangers, plastic rulers, paper clips, even toothpicks.

And there’s a veritable treasure-trove of lethal weapons for the taking at any nearby restaurant: skewers, machetes, flammable materials, steaming pots filled with bubbling oil, not to mention those deadly knives and forks. Never underestimate the ever-present dangers of unregulated cutlery. An arsenal in every pot and two knives (steak and butter) at every table, as Hoover famously warned.

Don’t get me started on finger guns.

Hat tip: Sam C.


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