RATS On A Plane (Air Force One)

Who was aboard Air Force One as it re-enacted 9/11 to terrorize New Yorkers?

From the PUMA site Hillbuzz:

In the furor over the current Administration’s callous buzzing of lower Manhattan for a “photo op” that essentially re-enacted the path of the commandeered jetliners that killed so many 8 years ago (this time with fighter jets racing along in tow, making New Yorkers especially believe they were under attack again), various Freedom of Information Act requests have been filed by private citizens across the country demanding release of the photographs from the current president’s reckless, thoughtless, and deranged $350,000 “practical joke”.

What HASN’T been talked about anywhere that we can see is the question of exactly WHO was on board that plane as it raced through the skies over Manhattan.

It occurred to us a stunt like this would be an EXCELLENT reward for high-level donors to the current president’s campaign. . .

[Obama’s donors] would probably love this trip on a robin’s egg and creamy white 747 even more if it did things regular people can’t do, like fly right by the Statue of Liberty and buzz the skyscrapers of New York so close they can practically see the teeny people down below screaming in terror as they race for hidey-holes wherever they can find them.

Who was on the plane when the photo op happened?

Great question. I’m sure the information will be promptly released by “the most transparent Administration in history.” /sarcasm

Hillbuzz, which is run by a staunch Democrat Hillary/McCain supporter, has been doing a much better job going after the Obama Administration than the Republicans (if I may be forgiven for damning Hillbuzz with faint praise).

And this piece on Rahm Emanuel’s uh, “taste” in movies and cinema snacks was simply hilarious.


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