Obama’s “Surprise” Iraq Visit

I recently blogged about a controversial YouTube video showing two very different reactions that Presidents Bush and Obama received from our troops.

So last week, Obama staged a “surprise” visit to the troops serving in Iraq, where he was “cheered wildly by U.S. troops”, according to this AP piece. When I heard the news, I planned to post a mea culpa update, but got busy with Holy Week, tax time and work commitments.

However, I watched the Obama footage again recently and sensed a bit of false note. The mainstream media frequently use tight camera shots to hide paltry attendance at leftist events, and underrepresent much larger numbers attending conservative and pro-life gatherings. I’ve seen them use this tactic too many times to believe it’s just a coincidence. Why would they use the same technique to downplay a pro-Obama appearance involving thousands of U.S. troops?

I didn’t have to wait long for an answer to my question.







It turns out the operative word about Obama’s “surprise” visit is staged. According to the MacRanger Radio Show blog:

[A]bout that “surprise visit”.

It wasn’t. The visit was communicated a full 24 hours in advance and a small contingent of soldiers – not screaming hoards – were rustled into a meeting place at Camp Victory.

Got this email from a sergeant that was there.

“We were pre-screened, asked by officials “Who voted for Obama?”, and then those who raised their hands were shuffled to the front of the receiving line. They even handed out digital cameras and asked them to hold them up.

Take a look at the picture at AP and notice all the cameras are the same models? Coincidence? I think not (emphasis mine).

You can check out MacRanger’s piece here.

Hat tip and photo credit to Jim Treacher at Hot Air, who rightly compares the media’s appreciation for staged military photo ops now vs. their disdain over same under George W. Bush.


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