A Thought Experiment

The following is a simple thought experiment.

We know for a certainty that al Qaeda has clandestine cells throughout the United States and in many other countries, waiting to carry out terrorist acts against unsuspecting targets. New York, Madrid, London and Mumbai are but the most notorious examples of a global existential threat.

In this, al Qaeda is following the same blueprint, the same tactics, the same methods practiced by the Soviet Union during the Cold War. From the 1930s to the 1950s, the KGB and Communist Party funded and organized thousands of clandestine cells of Communist operatives intent on nothing less than the destruction of our republican form of government and democratic way of life. The Soviet Union placed hundreds of Communist agents in journalism, in universities, in Hollywood, and in high ranking positions throughout the federal government.

This is well known.

Now for the thought experiment.

Suppose al Qaeda had the opportunity to place a single agent in any single post within the federal government. One al Qaeda sleeper agent anywhere in the federal government positioned where he could do maximum harm.

Two questions: where would al Qaeda place its lone agent? What would he do once he got there?

The answer to the first question is obvious. They would want an agent sitting in the Oval Office. From there, he could make short work of destroying the country.

The answer to the second question is not as obvious. What’s fairly certain is what an al Qaeda sleeper would not do. For starters, he would never disclose his al Qaeda connections, as that would lead to his removal from office etc. Rather, he would pursue dangerous and destructive policies, which in isolation might raise an eyebrow, but whose cumulative effect would be to destroy the country.

What specific policies would an al Qaeda sleeper agent in the White House pursue? I can think of several ideas.

First, he would propose massive spending programs under the guise of a stimulus plan to combat the current recession. Not just any spending projects will do however; whatever he proposed must meet three criteria: First, his policies should involve prohibitively high levels of spending and borrowing to overwhelm and ultimately bankrupt an economy already weakened by high debt. Second, the stimulus package must do nothing or next to nothing to fix the financial problems, if not actually make things worse. Third, the spending programs should destroy incentives by subsidizing the profligate, the self-destructive, the greedy, the lazy and others who engage in economically harmful behavior, while punishing prudence, thrift, savings, investment, hard work and achievement.

Next, the al Qaeda sleeper in the White House would interfere with the market’s ability to create the wealth needed to achieve recovery through massive tax hikes in the middle of a sharp recession, raising taxes on the most productive and successful Americans who start and run businesses that create wealth and employment.

Next, the al Qaeda operative would enact the types of policies and programs that have reliably weakened and undermined the social democracies of Western Europe with myriad and comprehensive cradle-to-grave welfare programs. Providing “free” government benefits would simultaneously increase dependency and create a politically powerful bloc of “citizens” willing to live at the expense of others.

Finally, he would conduct and orchestrate a propaganda campaign to demonize the targets of his draconian tax policies and foment class hatred and exacerbate tensions between productive taxpayers and low-earning, uneducated, easily manipulated recipients of government largesse.

In the foreign policy realm, the al Qaeda President’s policies would consistently embolden America’s enemies and betray her friends. Allies, such as Israel and the recently-liberated countries of Eastern Europe, surrounded and threatened by hostile and powerful enemies, would find the al Qaeda president an unreliable ally at best, a threat to their survival at worst. Anti-democratic, anti-American dictatorships would never be challenged or pressed on human rights abuses; indeed an al Qaeda president would reward and appease our enemies.

An al Qaeda president would also undermine the national security of the country. While pursuing massive spending schemes to fund all sorts of frivolous and ridiculous pork barrel projects, the one area where he would propose deep spending cuts would be in military spending, national security and counter-intelligence.

Finally, the al Qaeda president would undermine and demoralize the U.S. military by sending our troops to a hostile and desolate part of the world, with no clear mission, no clear strategy, and in insufficient numbers to achieve victory. In this effort, he can surely count on the support of a mainstream media fifth column whose favorite wars are the ones America loses.

Of course the likelihood of an al Qaeda sleeper agent ever reaching the Oval Office is infinitesimally small.

For starters, the Constitutional prerequisite of natural born citizenship automatically excludes well over 99% of al Qaeda’s membership. The tiny percentage of potential home-grown al Qaeda recruits would likely have skeletons in their resumes that surely would not withstand the careful and thorough vetting process. In all likelihood, he would have disturbing and disqualifying ties to extremists, including known terrorists. He would have inexplicable chronological gaps in his resume, perhaps extended travel to Islamic countries that American citizens rarely visit, much less actually live in for several years. Finally, given the demands of such extreme duplicity, he would likely exhibit serious pathological personality traits, such as narcissistic personality disorder, an inflated sense of entitlement, and delusions of grandeur bordering on the sacrilegious.

This was just a thought experiment. There’s no way such a dangerous character could get anywhere close to the Oval Office.


One Response to A Thought Experiment

  1. Jake says:

    And such a character (hypothetical character) would not be able to communicate with his cell upline because all presidential communications are closely monitored etc. e.g. they aren’t allowed to use things like blackberry devices.

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